Departments, Institutes & Centers

Department of Mechanical Manufacturing and Automation

The Department of Mechanical Manufacturing and Automation was founded in 1955 and began its first postgraduate program in the same year. In 1981, the Department was one of the first to be granted the right of conferring master degrees in China. In 1987, it was honoured with the first-list key disciplines award of the Ministry of Machinery Industry. In 1990, it was granted the right of conferring doctor degrees. In 1993, it was honoured with the first-list key disciplines award of Jilin Province. In 1998, it was granted the right of conferring doctor degrees in mechanical engineering, with postdoctoral mobile stations established as well.

Department of Mechanical Design and Automation

The Department of Mechanical Design and Automation is formed by a merger of four academic programs - the original program of Engineering Machinery, Mining Machinery, the partial program of Agricultural Machinery Design and Manufacturing, and Mechanics. It provides a doctoral program in Mechanical Design and Theory, and a postdoctoral mobile station in Mechanical Engineering. Under the National Act “Project 211” in key discipline construction, the subject group of Engineering Equipment and Technology, in which the Construction Machinery is the leading subject, has been developed as one of 305 key projects of “Project 211” of China.

Department of Mechanical and Electronic Engineering

The Department of mechanical and electronic engineering currently consists of 25 teachers, including four doctoral supervisors, seven professors and ten associate professors, capable of recruiting ten doctoral students and 45 master students each year. The Department contributed influential national research of engineering robot technology, reliability engineering of computerized numerical control machine tools and life-cycle engineering and application equipment, electromechanical drive and automation, and hydraulic servo drive.

Department of Engineering Mechanics

The Department of Engineering Mechanics was founded in 1960. It was granted the right of conferring master degrees in 1984, and doctor degrees in 1986. In 1988, it became an approved key subject by the Ministry of machinery. In 2003, it was approved as a postdoctoral mobile station of mechanics. The Department currently consist of 7 doctoral supervisors, 18 master tutors, eight professors and 13 associate professors. Among them, 50% are young teachers under the age of 45, and 12 people have the doctoral degree, forming an academic team with a reasonable structure of knowledge, age, and professional and technical career.

Department of Industrial Engineering

The program of Industrial Engineering aims to cultivate advanced comprehensive talents who engage in enterprise planning, scientific and technological development, application research, and management in the field of mechanical engineering. The program offers the students a solid academic foundation in mathematics, foreign language and computer, a systematic mastery of the basic theory and skills of mechanical science, and a familiarity with the design technology of the modern mechanical product, the advanced manufacturing technology, and the industrial control technology. The students are expected to understand the basic knowledge of the market economy, as well as the laws, norms and standards related to industrial engineering. The students are guided in terms of the comprehensive application of human resources, materials, equipment, technology and information, and posses the preliminary capability in economic research of mechanical product technology, and in production organizing management, so as to obtain the primary training in scientific research, technology development, and social activities.

Mechanistic Elementary Experimental Teaching Center

The Mechanistic Elementary Experimental Teaching Center of Jilin University was first established in 1956. In 1997, the centre was formed by a merger of the mechanistic elementary comprehensive laboratory, the laboratory of precision measurement, the laboratory of mechanical principle and design, and the laboratory of computer-aided engineering. In April 2004, the centre was approved by the National Engineering Mechanistic Elementary Teaching Base. In October 2004, it was included in Jilin’s first list of elementary experimental teaching centre of key construction. The laboratory occupies 4,500 square meters and has 1300 experimental teaching equipment, including the low to medium range of equipment for teaching, and also the high-end research equipment. The total value of fixed assets reaches 12.75 million yuan. The experimental link of modern engineering consciousness has been primarily established.

Chain Drive Research Institute (Intelligent Machinery & Precision Machinery Research Center)

The Intelligent Machinery & Precision Machinery Research Center is mainly engaged in the design, development and research of intelligent machinery, precision mechanical systems and their components. The center displays an interdisciplinary core and a dedication to the leading-edge international research. It has cultivated high-level talents in the fields of piezoelectric drive, micro machinery, precision machinery and intelligent mechanical system. Over the years, the center has formed the noble tradition of diligence, innovation, preciseness and dedication. Currently, the Institute has employed eight teachers, half of whom have studied abroad, including four professors (2 of which are doctoral supervisors), two associate professors and two lecturers. Among them, four people have a doctoral degree, and 2 are postdoctoral students. A strong research team mainly composed of young and middle-aged scholars has been formed.