Fatigue device driven by a three degree of freedom tripodal piezoelectric actuator


Professor Zhao Hongwei published a paper inREVIEW OF SCIENTIFIC INSTRUMENTS.


A miniature piezoelectric-driven fatigue device with three degrees of freedom is developed. The device integrates two fatigue testing functions, including uniaxial tensile fatigue and tensile-bending combined loading modes. The synchronous tensile-bending loading principle is described, which is applicable for calculating the vector displacements along two orthogonal directions and investigating the anisotropic fatigue properties. Regarding the combined loading mode, maximum load/displacement amplitudes for tensile and bending vector components that could be achieved are 16.9 N/22.8 µm and 3.3 N/5.6 µm, respectively. Based on tensile and tensile-bending combined fatigue loading modes, the displacement responses and fatigue lives at loading frequencies ranging from 1 Hz to 100 Hz are valuated experimentally to indicate the validation.