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JLU’s Empowerment Action of Entrepreneurship & Innovation ——Students from SMAE Wins Excellent Results in the 16th “Siemens Cup” China Intelligent Manufacturing Challenge


On October 11th, 2022, the 16th “Siemens Cup” China Intelligent Manufacturing Challenge Finals of the Ministry of Education came to an end, and the School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering sent a total of 5 teams to participate in 2 competitions. Finally, under the guidance of teacher Cheng Lili, the team composed of Feng Molin, Yang Yutong, and Ye Nan won the second prize in the national finals in the field of intelligent production lines and collaborative robots. The other teams won two first prizes and two second prizes in the preliminary round.

Guided by the Department of International Cooperation and Exchange, Ministry of Education, the China Intelligent Manufacturing Challenge is jointly sponsored by the China Simulation Federation and Siemens Ltd., China, and has been successfully held for 16 sessions. It has become the largest and highest-level national competition in the field of intelligent manufacturing in China. The direction of the competition involves scientific and technological innovation, product research and development, engineering design, and intelligent applications in the field of intelligent manufacturing.

From the preliminary round to the final, the participants have a good overall grasp of the themes of the competition, and give full play to the advantages of professional knowledge, personal ability, engineering quality, and teamwork. It truly realizes the purpose of “training with competition, promoting learning with practice, and facilitating application with learning”. At the same time, it also fully demonstrates the effectiveness of the School in engineering education and innovation education. On the one hand, it encourages students to widely participate in scientific research and innovative practice. On the other hand, it also explores new ways for “talent training under the background of engineering in the new era” and solves the “last mile” problem of improving the practical ability of undergraduate students in research universities.