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The School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Organizes Postgraduate Freshmen to participate in the China-Japan-ROK Youth Forum


On September 24th, 2022, the China-Japan-ROK Young Scholars Exchange Meeting was successfully held at the School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (SMAE) of Jilin University, in order to establish a university cooperation model aligned with the trend of the new era, promote exchanges between young scholars from China, Japan, and South Korea, and cultivate future young leader. The forum was held in Room 529, Mechanical Hall, Nanling Campus, focusing on the theme of machinery, materials, biology, and biomimetic technology. The Postgraduate Management Office of the School organized postgraduate freshmen to participate in this youth forum.

In the opening speeches, representatives of China, Japan and the Republic of Korea delivered speeches to express their congratulations on the successful holding of the Youth Forum. Zhou Xiaoqin, Dean of the SMAE, pointed out that 2022 marks the 50th anniversary of the normalization of China-Japan diplomatic relations, and also the 30th anniversary of China-ROK ties. He also said that this forum held by Jilin University aimedat bringing together young scholars from the three countries to form a diversified cooperation platform that integrates online and offline, improve the level of academic exchanges and cooperation between scholars from the three countries in the fields of machinery, materials, biology and biomimetic, and improve the ability of multidisciplinary cross-integration in the future. ProfessorYoshino Tatsuoexpressed a warm welcome to the young scholarsgatheredonline despite thepandemicand hoped that all young scholars couldlearn a lot fromthis conference. In the forum, young scholars from all over the world made wonderful special reports based on their own scientific research directions and research results, including nanomaterials, bionic robots, medical robots, biodegradable metals, and other fields.

This forum, held both online and offline, gathered young scholars from China, Japan, and South Korea, built a multidisciplinary platform for young scholars, and improved the academic exchange and cooperation level of young scholars in the fields of mechanics, materials, biology, and bionics. SMAE hopes that postgraduate students can learn from this meeting, gain inspiration to engage in their own scientific research with the spirit of exploration and innovation, and continuously enhance international competitiveness!